Thursday, 6 September 2012

Meet The Crown Of Thorns Team!

 After The rapid success of Fridays favorite people we at crown of thorns felt to give a exclusive on the people who run this blog!       

Pete 'Snappy' Marbles : Resident photographer of crown of thorns, Pete got the nickname 'snappy p' for never missing a opportunity to get a flick of your town's local tagger to your local crackheads.                                                             
     Walter 'Keys' Norbit : Walter is head of crown of thorns blog page. As coder 'keysie' has just been allowed out of he's home after mastering the art to having one of the best blog layouts in the country. 

  Simon 'Faggit' Peel : Head Graphic designer 'Faggit' has recently finished a university course in home economics and has been discovered to be one of the UK's hidden gems of graphic design.  

Keith 'Tubz' Smith : As head of business and marketing 'Tubz' is always hard at working trying to promote the blog and recently starred on ready steady cook.

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